Iron Gate Firearms proudly sells all of the major ammo brands. Being avid shooters ourselves we can personally attest to the the quality workmanship, accuracy and reliability of this ammo. We ammo geared toward target shooting, self-defense,competitive shooting and hunting We're confident that you be as pleased as we are with these products.

Please stop into the store in Windham to see your favorite firearms brand or call us at either: (603) 216-1167 or (603) 770-2525 to see what we have. We're getting new product in daily and at the best possible prices available.

  • Aguila

  • American Eagle

  • Barnes Bullets

  • Brown Bear


  • Federal

  • Fiocchi

  • Hodgdon

  • Hornady

  • Magtech

  • Nosler

  • PMC

  • Powerbelt Bullets

  • PPU Ammunition

  • Remington

  • SIG Sauer

  • Speer

  • Tula Ammo

  • Winchester