About Us

We at Iron Gate Firearms are gun enthusiasts like you!  We’re a full service provider of the highest quality firearms, ammo, accessories, training and services at the best possible prices.  Iron Gate Firearms is conveniently located at 50 Haverhill Road/Route 111 in Windham, NH (next right after the Windham High School).

Our knowledgeable sales team takes pride in finding the product or service that will meet your needs today and in the future.  We focus on your individual needs to insure that you have the right gun that's a good fit for you, meets your needs and we always strive to provide you with the greatest value and highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  You can try many of our used guns available, so your confident that the gun is right for you.

Why Iron Gate Firearms?

Many of you will remember us from our other business, NH Diesel & Performance, where we earned a reputation as being the local experts on Ford and Cummins diesel trucks.  We took particular pride in providing great value, a high level of customer satisfaction and in developing a loyal base of customers.

We’re still operating our truck performance business, but have broadened our focus and expanded into firearms as well.  We look forward to serving all of your firearm related needs, whether they are for a new or used gun, ammo, accessories, custom gunsmithing, self-defense or firearms training.  We’re eager to continue our tradition of providing great value and customer service at Iron Gate Firearms.

Please visit us in the new store on Rte. 111 in Windham, NH or call us at: (603) 770-2525.  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your firearm needs and determine the best way to meet them.  If you cannot get into the store, please use online store to conveniently shop and see our products 24x7 at: http://shop.irongatefirearms.com