What are the benefits of joining Iron Gate Firearms Insider's Club?

Iron Gate Firearms' Insider's Club/customer loyalty program provides the following benefits to customers: 

  • Increasing discounts as you purchase more products
  • Ability to see and buy new products before the general public
  • Access to the scarcest of products, such as ammo, before the general public
  • Be part of dealer buys at discount prices
  • Try out demo products first
  • Receive credit for referral of friends, family and new Iron Gate Firearms customers
  • Early notification of upcoming specials, sales, hot deals and events
  • Inclusion in the Iron Gate Firearms Newsletters, highlighting what's going on.

Iron Gate Fire Arms - Training

  • Guns and Targets
  • Three Rules
  • Classroom Training
  • Detailed Range and Weapon Training
  • Practical Range Firing
  • Range Officer Guidance
  • Moving Up!
  • Co-worker Challenge(s)
  • Instructional Feedback & Review
  • Great Experience