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Iron Gate Training Offering

How you handle yourself and how you deal with threats to yourself and those around you are skills critical to your well -being.   At Iron Gate Firearms, we offer comprehensive firearms, tactical and self-defense training.  

Our expert instructors take you through understanding threats, mitigating risks, defending yourself and others, using physical force to defend yourself and loved ones, as well as how to deal with physical assaults, weapons, and firearm threats.

Self Defense:

The likelihood of you needing to utilize personal defensive techniques in real-life is far greater than the likelihood of you needing to utilize a firearm to protect yourself and loved ones. Skills such as: blocks, strikes, disarm movements and other tactics will be taught, so they can be honed to deal with real world threats.

Our self-defense training is taught by highly trained karate black belts who have many years of teaching pragmatic and practical self defense skills and technicals which are gear to the specific defensive threats that you and your family that you face.

We’re proud to offer the following classes at this time:

  • Basic/Advanced Self Defense Techniques

  • Self Defense for Women

Firearms Training:

We’re strong proponents of firearms safety and encourage all gun owners to take professional training to become competent in the use of their firearms. The use of deadly force has to be the last option in any confrontation, but you have to be prepared to use it if the situation warrants it.

Becoming a proficient shooter requires the teaching and implementation of sound techniques, principles and hands-on practice. Your reactions need to become second nature, as your life could depend on them.   NRA certified instructors provide multiple levels of firearms training and instruction for handguns, shotguns, carbines, bolt action and precision rifles.

We’re proud to offer the following courses at this time:

  •  Private/Group Handgun Shooting Fundamentals Refresher
  • Private/Group Basic Handgun Shooting Clinic
  • Private/Group Handgun Shooting Skiils Development
  • Private/Group Intro. to Defensive Shooting Skills & Concealed Carry Techniques
  • Private/Group Advanced Defensive Shooting Skills & Techniques
  • NRA Refuse to Be a Victim 
  • NRA Home Firearms Safety
  • NRA Basic Pistol - Instructor Led Course
  • NRA Basic Personal Protection In the Home 

  • NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home 

  • NRA Advanced Personal Protection Outside the Home 

  • NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting 

  • NRA Basic Rifle Shooting 

 We provide private instruction and ground lessons, in addition to the NRA classes.  The 1 - 2 hour private/group classes may be better suited to you needs, as time schedules today tend to be tight and we can be tailor the training to your specific needs.

 Please email us at: [email protected] or call us directly at: (603) 770-2525 to discuss your specific needs and our training offerings in greater detail.   Please also register for training on our online store at:  and we'll contact you to schedule the training.



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